PROVEHO translates to ”advance” in Latin and we are a consulting firm focusing on process automation and process improvement. We advance our customers’ personnel and their roles by minimizing repetitive, time-consuming and non-value added tasks. Our focus is currently in Finance – because that is what we know best – but the robotics software can be applied anywhere in the organization.

PROVEHO is part of PRO TEMPORE which supports global and rapidly growing companies with interim Finance consultants. With the ambition of always leaving our clients’ processes in better shape than when we got there it became clear to us that we needed to take the digitalization of the Finance function seriously. In 2019 we became a certified partner to a low-code RPA software and today several of our Finance consultants are robotics certified.

Our value-add is not only in the knowledge of the software, but foremost our hands-on ability in driving process effectiveness within Finance. We want our customer’s personnel to be self-sufficient in utilizing the robot when we leave!

Our focus is in the three largest cities in Sweden, but our network allows us to help in other parts of the world as well.

The key to success is not in the technical stuff

The key to success is in our people. All of our consultants have a University Degree within Business Administration and several years of hands-on experience from line roles within Accounting and Controlling, often in larger global companies. We know the processes and system architecture within the Finance function well and together with our built-in improvement focus we are well-equipped to drive these projects together with our customers. ​

Why Process Automation?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the use of software to automate manual, repetitive tasks.

"Can you perform that process by using the keyboard and mouse? Then RPA can do it too"​

% of large enterprises using ​RPA by 2020​ – Gartner

% of growth in RPA software market in 2018​ – Gartner​

% of decrease in operational costs by 2024 combining automation technologies with redesigned operational processes​ – Gartner​

Customer Testimonial

Benefits of RPA?

Research from the McKinsey Global Institute concludes that 40 % of finance activities (for instance, cash disbursement, revenue management, and general accounting and operations) can be fully automated, and another 17 % can be mostly automated. Those figures demonstrate the degree to which CFOs and other business leaders can simplify core internal transactions through automation, establish standardized reporting mechanisms, and work more efficiently.

Although there are many benefits to RPA we usually highlight the below areas to customers thinking about introducing robotics software as a tool.

Higher Quality Services

Better accuracy and better​ customer service

Increased Agility

Reduced overhead and more ​flexible business resources

Employee Experience

Increased staff productivity ​and reduced attrition

Comprehensive Insights

Improved efficiency by digitizing ​and auditing process data

Greater Compliance

Operate in accordance with ​regulations and standards

Reduced Costs

Carry out manual or repetitive tasks at a fraction of the cost​

Our approach to process automation

We are working on a short demo showing how simple it is to program a robot to perform manual tasks between various systems. Please check back again soon!

Quickly and cost-effectively automate routine, manual tasks without the use of code in an easy-to-use, yet powerful drag-and-drop interface, allowing for:

  • Agility ​
  • Scale​
  • Speed​
  • Low Cost

The software can work in virtually any application, ranging from the standard Windows calculator, to Microsoft Excel, to intranet web apps or highly customized SAP environments:

  • ​Drag & Drop​
  • Storybook Approach​
  • User Levels​
  • No Code​
  • Action Library


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